Poke Bowl Catering and Office Delivery

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Poke Bowls with Outstanding Corporate Catering Service

Zerocater corporate catering service is the quick and easy option to cater meals for your entire team. Whether it’s poke bowls on tuesdays, or BBQ lunch on fridays, we offer a customizable, flexible, and rotating menu that uses locally sourced ingredients. 

Your dedicated account manager will walk you through every step of the process. The result is a fully catered poke bowl meal that will be a perfect fit with everyone.

What’s included in your poke bowl catering options?

When you order poke bowl catering from Zerocater for your next lunch or event, you’ll receive:

  • Complete service, including curated meals, delivery and setup, plus cutlery (plates, serving utensils, napkins, etc.)
  • Customized meals hand-selected from local restaurants and chefs with your office’s preferences and diet restrictions in mind
  • Thoughtful menus that include options for lighter fare and seasonal items
  • Clearly labeled food items so your team members always know exactly what they’re receiving
  • Reliable service, including timely delivery and accurate orders

Poke Bowl Delivery for Offices Near: 

We serve customers in major metropolitan markets across the country. Here is where we operate:

Poke Bowl Catering Menu Options

We will provide you with almost unlimited options for your poke bowl catering request. Here are some menu options to consider when you choose Zerocater for your office’s next poke bowl meal:

  • Tuna poke
  • Salmon poke
  • Spicy tuna poke
  • Spicy salmon poke
  • Tofu poke
  • Poached chicken poke
  • Poached shrimp poke
  • Mixed poke
  • Seaweed salad

Poke Bowl Catering for Offices FAQ

Is a poke bowl a healthy office meal option?

A healthy combination of marinated fish, rice and other ingredients, they make a great lunch for office settings. Their portability, lean protein power, and unique flavor profiles make them a great meal for staff. When you want to find the best poke bowl catering for your business, look no further than Zerocater.

How much does a catered poke bowl meal for the office cost?

We can offer flexible catering options for your business. Contact us about our poke bowl offerings as some items may be seasonal. 

Can we choose the different poke bowl ingredients for our office lunch?

Yes. We offer fully flexible menus that are made custom for your business based on your specified requirements. Contact us to learn more about our current poke bowl menu offerings. 

What hours are you available to deliver our poke bowl catering?

Zerocater provides office delivery during a wide range of hours. Please contact us for availability. 

Does Zerocater use local ingredients?

Yes, our chefs and restaurants use only high quality and locally sourced ingredients. Please contact us if you have more specific questions related to menu options. 

Is Zerocater only for large companies?

No. Zerocater is a catering company that can work with everyone from small offices, hybrid companies, and large enterprises. We offer flexible pricing that can accommodate any sized business.

Ready For a Poke Bowl Experience at Your Office?

Zerocater makes it easy to choose the poke menu food items you want for a one-time event or recurring office meals.

Fill out the form below and a Zerocater representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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