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ZeroCater’s FoodIQ technology learns employees’ tastes to build a custom, data-driven meal and snack program your entire company loves.

Revolutionize The Way Companies Eat

ZeroCater is your one-stop solution for corporate catering, snacks, and special events.
Corporate Catering
Corporate Snacks and Kitchens
Corporate Event Catering
Corporate Catering

Corporate Catering

Whether your company has 20 or 2,000+ employees, eating daily or once a month, our ecosystem of 450+ culinary partners, combined with the power of our FoodIQ technology, ensure that your employees love every meal. Try us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner today.
More About Corporate Catering
Corporate Catering
Corporate Snacks and Kitchens

Corporate Snacks & Kitchens

Custom micro-kitchen solutions for companies with 50–10,000+ employees. Our FoodIQ technology makes data-driven recommendations from 1,000+ brands, encompassing snacks, beverages, coffee, produce, bread, and alcohol. We manage every detail of your company’s snack program, from feedback to equipment to onsite replenishment.
More About Corporate Snacks and Kitchens
Corporate Snacks and Kitchens
Catering for Company Events

Corporate Event Catering

Whether you’re throwing a happy hour for 20, a holiday party for 200, or a marketing event for 2,000+, we have your catering needs covered. With over 450 culinary partners offering over 100 cuisines, we can create custom menus tailored to any occasion and event theme.
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Catering for Company Events

Our Corporate Catering and Snacks Advantage

The four pillars that power our 10x better corporate catering and snacks products.
Why ZeroCater FoodIQ

Employee Tastes

Customized for company’s unique tastes
Customized for company’s unique tastes
What meals and snacks do your employees’ like/dislike and why?

Employee Consumption

Customized for company’s consumption
Customized for company’s consumption
How much food do each of your employees eat?

Onsite Presentation

FoodIQ presentation
FoodIQ presentation
As we curate different types of food how do we ensure it fits onsite?

Company Budget

Customized for company’s budget
Customized for company’s budget
How much should you spend per employee to make them happy?
Vietnamese cuisine culinary partnerMexican cuisine culinary partnerCookies and sweets snack optionsChips popcorn pretzels snack optionsAsian cuisine culinary partnerFrench cuisine culinary partnerChips popcorn pretzels snack optionsProtein bar jerky snack optionsAmerican cuisine culinary partnerKorean cuisine culinary partnerSnacks spread optionsChips popcorn pretzels snack options
Corporate cateringCorporate cateringCorporate cateringCorporate catering
Data driven

One of the Largest Corporate Catering and Snacks Providers in North America

350M+ in catering and snacks revenue
25M+ employee served
Employees Fed
1K+ happy customers
Happy Customers
ZeroCater founded in 2009
Corporate Catering from ZeroCater in SF Bay Area
San Francisco Bay Area
115 Stillman Street San Francisco, CA 94107
(844) 229-9376
Corporate Catering from ZeroCater in LA
Los Angeles
c/o: ZeroCater, Los Angeles Operations 115 Stillman St, San Francisco, CA 94107
(844) 229-9376
Corporate Catering from ZeroCater in Austin
979 Springdale Road Suite 123 Austin, TX 78702
(512) 599-9711
Corporate Catering from ZeroCater in Chicago
c/o: ZeroCater, Chicago Operations 979 Springdale Road Suite 123 Austin, TX 78702
(312) 940-7752
Corporate Catering from ZeroCater in DC metro area
Washington DC Metro Area
c/o: ZeroCater, Washington DC Operations 1140 Broadway Ave Suite 501 New York, NY 10001
(202) 800-3130
Corporate Catering from ZeroCater in NYC
New York City
1140 Broadway Ave Suite 501 New York, NY 10001
(855) 692-9376

Our Ecosystem of Culinary Partners and Snack Brands

An unmatched variety of culinary partners and snack brands offers over 35,000 unique types of food.
Culinary Partners
Snack and Beverage Brands
    • San Francisco Bay Area
    • New York City
    • Chicago
    • Austin
    • Washington D.C. Metro Area
    • Los Angeles

    San Francisco Bay Area

    San Francisco Bay Area top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.
    More SF Bay Area Culinary PartnersSan Francisco Bay Area culinary partners
    Marcella's Lasagneria
    Marcella's Lasagneria
    Family-owned and operated, Marcella's Lasagneria and Cucina offers a fresh take on classic, Italian favorites and the art of lasagna making.
    SF Grill Castro
    SF Grill Castro
    SF Grill Castro serves up a delicious variety of European- influenced dishes.
    Americano, SF Bay Area corporate caterer
    Fusing American cuisine with traditional European flavors, Americano's recipes have been passed down for generations to become community favorites.
    Achiote Grill by SSB Catering, Corporate caterer San Francisco Bay Area
    Achiote Grill by SSB Catering
    Serves a variety of fusion dishes inspired by Latin American flavors and ingredients.
    Vung Tau II
    Vung Tau II
    Known for its homemade sauces and authentic flavors, Vung Tau has a loyal following among Vietnamese people who long for authentic cuisine.

    New York City

    New York City top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks
    More NY City Culinary PartnersNew York City culinary partners
    SVK Sous Vide Kitchen, New York
    SVK Sous Vide Kitchen
    SVK Sous Vide Kitchen offers grain bowls and salads utilizing the sous vide cooking method in their dishes whenever possible.
    Hokey Poke
    Hokey Poke
    This is where traditional Hawaiian poke is splashed with contemporary flavors.
    Mini Melanie
    Mini Melanie
    Owner and pastry chef Melanie Moss specializes in mini versions of sweet treats fit for any celebration or occasion.
    Tasty Catering
    Tasty Catering
    Tasty Catering is a full-service caterer that specializes in delivering quality food quickly.
    A charming eatery in the East Village with fresh and healthy salads.


    Chicago top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks
    More Chicago Culinary PartnersChicago culinary partners
    Huegah, Chicago, IL
    Huegah serves foods that are simple and inspired by fresh ingredients. Huegah, is a phonetically spelled word from Danish culture. A way of life.
    Kuma's Corner, Corporate Caterer Chicago, IL
    Kuma's Corner
    Award winning burgers with a wide variety of toppings, hearty mac and cheese, and classic chili.
    Plaka Greek Catering, Chicago Corporate Catering
    Plaka Greek Catering
    Family run and owned, bringing you the best of century-old recipes, straight from Greece.
    Rewired Catering, Corporate Caterer Chicago
    Rewired Catering
    Full-service catering brought to you from the REWIRED crew behind Lakeview's favorite cafe.
    Tropicuba, Chicago, IL
    Family style Cuban eatery.


    Austin top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.
    More Austin Culinary PartnersAustin culinary partners
    Way South Philly
    Way South Philly
    Willy Pearce knows authentic Philly Cheesesteaks & has been treating Austin to Philadelphia's favorite comfort food for over 6 years.
    Casa Sarita
    Casa Sarita
    Latin American fares brought to you by Cojo Catering.
    Nancy's Sky Garden, Austin, TX
    Natural Garden
    Nancy Lee's Asian Fusion plates are bright, flavorful & delicious, with a variety of options to keep you feeling full & healthy.
    Spice Town, Corporate caterer, Austin
    Spice Town
    An extension of Chow Town Foods, Spice Town focuses on bright, delicious, Spanish flavors.
    Happy Chicks, Austin
    Happy Chicks
    Happy Chicks has mastered the American childhood favorites, including mac and cheese, chicken tenders, and inventive sauces.

    Washington D.C. Metro Area

    Washington D.C. top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.
    More D.C. Metro Area Culinary PartnersWashington D.C. metro area culinary partners
    Roll Play, Washington DC Metro Area Corporate Caterer
    Roll Play
    A casual Vietnamese Grill with mom's home cooking. Roll Play offers stuffed Banh Mi sandwiches and rice paper rolls, noodle bowls and Pho.
    Super Chicken Tysons
    Super Chicken Tysons
    Peruvian rotisserie chicken.
    Allspice cafe & catering, Corporate Caterer Washington DC metro area
    AllSpice Catering
    Diverse weekday eats such breakfast and lunch, featuring sandwiches, soups, wraps, and salads.
    Ooh DaT ChickeN
    Ooh DaT ChickeN
    OoH DaT ChiCkeN is D.C's first rotisserie chicken food truck, offering the finest flame broiled chicken with fresh local ingredients in the District.
    Farmbird is a restaurant that aims to change the way people think about chicken. Menu items are prepared from scratch daily using fresh ingredients.

    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.
    More Los Angeles Culinary PartnersLos Angeles culinary partners
    With Love Market and Cafe, Los Angeles
    With Love Market and Cafe
    With love focuses on offering flavorful food while giving back to their community through local staffing and wellness programs.
    Garden of eating, Los Angeles Corporate Caterer
    Garden of Eating
    Garden of Eating is dedicated to offering the best quality experience with offerings from sandwiches to evening cocktails.
    Feast from the East
    Feast from the East
    Celebrated casual pick for family-style Chinese fare, specializing in Chinese chicken salad, sesame wings, noodles & stir-fry.
    Nong La Cafe
    Nong La Cafe
    Fresh, authentic Vietnamese food with family recipes.
    Muma Kitchen
    MZuma is a family owned Turkish restaurant dedicated to providing a home-cooked meal experience.
    Nongshim Noodle Soup, Shin, 3.03 oz
    UNSWEETENED Califia Farms Almond Milk, , 48.00 oz, large bottle
    Supplies & Condiments
    Fage Total 0%, Plain, 6 oz
    Silk, Soy Yogurt, Vanilla, 5.3oz
    Kombucha Wonder Drink, Asian Pear & Ginger, 8.4 oz
    Dave's Killer Bread, Thin Slice 100% Whole Wheat, 20.5 oz
    Deschutes, Mirror Pond Pale Ale 5 gal, 1/6 barrel keg
    Bai Peach Panama, 18oz
    More Snack & Beverage Brands

    Do You Make Amazing Catered Meals or Snacks?

    Join our culinary partner ecosystem to give your brand exposure to thousands of new customers. For more than 10 years we’ve helped caterers, restaurants, food trucks, and snack manufacturers grow their businesses.
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