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How it works

Step 1
ZeroCater identifies your office's tastes and dietary preferences

We learn your company’s tastes

ZeroCater identifies your office's tastes and dietary preferences to match your office with the right restaurant partners and snacks selections.
Step 2
ZeroCater account manager will customize meal menus and snacks for your company

We create custom menu options

Tailored menus and snacks are created by your account manager and delivered for review and approval through your ZeroCater dashboard.
Step 3
Everyone enjoys

Everyone enjoys & submits feedback

Employees submit ratings and feedback for catered meals and snacks, so every delivery is better than the last!

Corporate Catering Made Easy

A custom-curated food experience for your company office(s). Create a high-performing company culture by bringing people together over food.

Office Meals Program

Want to feed your employees on a regular basis? Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, ZeroCater designs each menu around your team’s taste and preferences. Learn More

Company Events and One-Time Meal

Planning a holiday party or meetup at the office? Need breakfast catering for your next meeting? ZeroCater will create a custom menu to complete your event. Learn More

Snacks, Kitchens & Alcohol

Create a beautiful, customized snack and beverage sanctuary for your office with a rotating selection of items including hard-to-find and locally-sourced snacks and beverages.

Snacks & Kitchens

ZeroCater delivers a fresh take on office Snacks and Kitchens by creating a beautiful, customized snack sanctuary with a rotating selection of items including hard-to-find and locally-sourced snacks and beverages, so you never have to worry about it again. Learn More

Alcohol Delivery

As a ZeroCater Snacks & Kitchens customer, you can place a one-time, non-recurring order for beer, wine, and spirits. Or you can work with your account manager to add an alcohol subscription to your delivery for recurring snacks orders. Learn More

What your office gets

Lunch, breakfast, dinner, regular happy hour or a special occasion custom curated meals from top restaurants, chefs, and food trucks in your area.
    • San Francisco Bay AreaSan Francisco Bay Area
    • New York CityNew York City
    • ChicagoChicago
    • AustinAustin
    • Washington D.C. Metro AreaWashington D.C. Metro Area
    • Los AngelesLos Angeles
    San Francisco Bay Area Office CateringSan Francisco Bay Area top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.SF Bay Area Corporate Catering Services →


    Salad bars should never be boring. 2Forks delivers bountiful combinations that will entice even the pickiest eaters into building a heaping salad.
    Good for groups 18+ $280 minimum

    Americano Deli and Grill

    Fusing American cuisine with traditional European flavors, Americano's recipes have been passed down for generations to become community favorites.
    Good for groups 15+ $0 minimum

    Bini's Kitchen

    Bini’s Kitchen recreates recipes passed down through generations by combining home ground spices with local ingredients.
    Good for groups 25+ $350 minimum

    L'chaim Sushi

    One of the Bay Area’s premier Kosher sushi caterers, L’chaim carefully and inventively prepares fresh and delicious sushi.
    Good for groups 20+ $348 minimum

    Namu Gaji

    Namu Gaji serves New Korean American cuisine using weekly harvests from Namu Farm in Sunol and the finest local bounty.
    Good for groups 17+ $232 minimum
    New York City Office CateringNew York City top restaurants, caterers, and food trucksNew York City Corporate Catering Services →


    Clean, simple, seasonal ingredients makes exotic and comforting dishes that you’ll grow to crave.
    Good for groups 32+ $475 minimum

    Paradis To Go

    Paradis To Go's ultra-fresh, produce-driven French dishes include sandwiches and sweet treats.
    Good for groups 19+ $290 minimum


    A unique concept, which marries an old school bar haunt with tasty and upbeat Tex-Mex cuisine, including a Build Your Own Taco bar.
    Good for groups 14+ $211 minimum


    Pokéworks is committed to delivering sustainable and seasonal ingredients in their carefully crafted poké creations.
    Good for groups 19+ $325 minimum

    Souvlaki GR

    This first generation Greek family-owned restaurant uses recipes passed down on both sides to provide a truly authentic Greek meal experience.
    Good for groups 1+ $15 minimum
    Chicago Office CateringChicago top restaurants, caterers, and food trucksChicago Corporate Catering Services →

    Orso's Restaurant

    An original restaurant of Chicago's historic Old Town area, they serve mouthwatering Italian cuisine.
    Good for groups 7+ $59 minimum

    Peach and Green

    Delicious breakfast items prepared from locally-sourced and fresh ingredients make for light meal options.
    Good for groups 40+ $277 minimum

    Scafuri Bakery

    A century-old Italian family bakery specializing in Italian pastries, cakes, bread and coffee.
    Good for groups 10+ $154 minimum

    Taza Cafe

    Dive into fresh mediterranean fare with platters from Taza Cafe.
    Good for groups 9+ $125 minimum

    The Smoke Daddy

    All of their delicious meats are smoked in house each day in their famous “lil Red Smoker”.
    Good for groups 2+ $29 minimum
    Austin Office CateringAustin top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.Austin Corporate Catering Services →


    Austin catering company specializing in traditional European fares made-from-scratch with a Polish twist.
    Good for groups 22+ $290 minimum

    Chow Town Foods

    Chow Town uses the freshest ingredients to create eclectic dishes that will delight your senses.
    Good for groups 23+ $348 minimum

    Kesos Taco House

    Kesos’ is on a mission to keep tacos weird. Their tacos are a twist on amazing Mexican flavors.
    Good for groups 8+ $116 minimum


    Food-truck spin-off featuring nigiri, sashimi and sushi rolls alongside homestyle Japanese plates.
    Good for groups 8+ $116 minimum

    Tamale Addiction

    Known for their creative tamale combinations like exotic guava and raisin, they sure think outside the box.
    Good for groups 11+ $116 minimum
    Washington DC Office CateringWashington D.C. top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.Washington D.C. Corporate Catering Services →


    Bel-Feast offers sweet and savory Russian style crepes, known as BLiN.
    Good for groups 2+ $24 minimum

    Captain Cookie & the Milkman

    The brick-and-mortar version of the beloved food truck offers a delicious array of cookie options.
    Good for groups 23+ $90 minimum

    Haute Dogs & Fries

    Locally sourced hot dogs, sausages, bratwurst, grass fed beef burgers, hand cut fries, and New England Lobster Rolls.
    Good for groups 14+ $200 minimum

    Mazagan Restaurant

    Modern take on Moroccan cuisine that specializes in grilled skewers and kabobs.
    Good for groups 14+ $232 minimum

    Roll Play

    A casual Vietnamese Grill with mom's home cooking. Roll Play offers stuffed Banh Mi sandwiches and rice paper rolls, noodle bowls and Pho.
    Good for groups 12+ $184 minimum
    Los Angeles Office CateringLos Angeles top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.Los Angeles Corporate Catering Services →

    Fundamental LA

    Light and tasty market-inspired sandwiches and salads that fuel your day.
    Good for groups 8+ $116 minimum

    KMR Gourmet Catering

    KMR offers high-quality food made with fresh ingredients ready to cater to any dietary need.
    Good for groups 8+ $130 minimum

    Nonna's Empanadas

    Nonna's Empanadas adds global flavors to their Argentine-style empanadas.
    Good for groups 28+ $390 minimum

    Seasalt Fish Grill

    This fish & chips shop doles out some seriously tasty seafood.
    Good for groups 14+ $195 minimum


    A modern take on the typical beer hall, WurstKuche has creative and traditional German eats.
    Good for groups 8+ $116 minimum

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