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How it works

Step 1
ZeroCater identifies your office's tastes and dietary preferences

We learn your company’s tastes

ZeroCater identifies your office's tastes and dietary preferences to match your office with the right restaurant partners and snacks selections.
Step 2
ZeroCater account manager will customize meal menus and snacks for your company

We create custom menu options

Tailored menus and snacks are created by your account manager and delivered for review and approval through your ZeroCater dashboard.
Step 3
Everyone enjoys

Everyone enjoys & submits feedback

Employees submit ratings and feedback for catered meals and snacks, so every delivery is better than the last!
Office catering made easy

Office catering made easy

Create a high-performing company culture by bringing people together over food with ZeroCater's custom-curated office catering services.

Office meals program

Want to feed your employees on a regular basis? Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, ZeroCater designs each menu around your team’s taste and preferences. More About Recurring Catering Looking For an Enterprise Catering Solution?

Company events and one-time meal

Planning a holiday party or meetup at the office? Need breakfast catering for your next meeting? ZeroCater will create a custom menu to complete your event. More About One-Time Meal Catering
Snacks, kitchens & alcohol

Snacks, kitchens & alcohol

Create a beautiful, customized snack and beverage sanctuary for your office with a rotating selection of items including hard-to-find and locally-sourced snacks and beverages.

Snacks & kitchens

ZeroCater delivers a fresh take on office Snacks and Kitchens by creating a beautiful, customized snack sanctuary with a rotating selection of items including hard-to-find and locally-sourced snacks and beverages, so you never have to worry about it again. More About Snacks & Kitchens Service

Alcohol delivery

As a ZeroCater Snacks & Kitchens customer, you can place a one-time, non-recurring order for beer, wine, and spirits. Or you can work with your account manager to add an alcohol subscription to your delivery for recurring snacks orders. More About Alcohol Delivery

What your office gets

Lunch, breakfast, dinner, regular happy hour or a special occasion custom curated meals from top restaurants, chefs, and food trucks in your area.
    • San Francisco Bay Area
    • New York City
    • Chicago
    • Austin
    • Washington D.C. Metro Area
    • Los Angeles
    San Francisco Bay Area Office CateringSan Francisco Bay Area top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.More SF Bay Area Food Vendors →
    Kyusu Burmese
    Kyusu Burmese
    Authentic Burmese cuisine in Saratoga.
    SF Grill Castro
    SF Grill Castro
    SF Grill Castro serves up a delicious variety of European- influenced dishes.
    Indian Bento
    Indian Bento
    Delicious and healthy Indian food with a street-smart twist! Made with all-natural chicken and beef, as well as fresh, pesticide-free vegetables.
    Fishs Wild Redwood City
    Fish's Wild Redwood City
    Fish's Wild serves only the freshest sustainably sourced fish, while providing and exciting and healthy meal!
    El Pipila, San Francisco Bay Area
    El Pipila
    El Pípila was created from traditional recipes passed from generation to generation and offers an original taste of Guanajuato, the heart of Mexico.
    New York City Office CateringNew York City top restaurants, caterers, and food trucksMore New York City Food Vendors →
    Lolo’s Seafood Shack, New York
    Lolo’s Seafood Shack
    Lolo's Seafood Shack offers Caribbean street eats and classic New England favorites with their signature sauces.
    Zizi Limona
    Zizi Limona
    Zizi Limona showcases treasured recipes to elevate Middle Eastern and Israeli cuisine in this local Brooklyn restaurant.
    Atlantic Bagels Cafe
    Atlantic Cafe
    Delicious breakfast sandwiches, Montreal-style bagels (hand-rolled & wood-fired) with homemade cream cheese, lunchtime paninis, smoked fish, deli meats, salads and homemad. . .
    Korilla BBQ
    Korilla BBQ
    Food truck spin-off for build-it-yourself wraps, rice bowls & salads with Korean & Mexican flavors.
    Grand Street Luncheonette, Corporate caterer New York City
    Grand Street Luncheonette
    The creators of Baz Bagels have developed a menu full of new and classic lunchtime staples.
    Chicago Office CateringChicago top restaurants, caterers, and food trucksMore Chicago Food Vendors →
    The Smoke Daddy, Chicago Corporate Caterer
    The Smoke Daddy
    All of their delicious meats are smoked in house each day in their famous “lil Red Smoker”.
    Tiparos Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar, Chicago, IL
    Tiparos Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar
    Authentic Thai flavors from husband and wife duo Paul and Phan using only the freshest ingredients.
    Kuma's Corner, Corporate Caterer Chicago, IL
    Kuma's Corner
    Award winning burgers with a wide variety of toppings, hearty mac and cheese, and classic chili.
    Artisan Catering
    Artisan Catering
    A contemporary caterer that focuses on clean, flavorful meals, all while using seasonal and sustainable ingredients!
    Bluebird, Chicago Corporate Catering
    Between the Truffle Burger (voted Chicago's 2nd best burger), the unbeatable sandwich bar, and their focus on sustainability, what's not to love?
    Austin Office CateringAustin top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.More Austin Food Vendors →
    Ranch hand organic bowls, corporate caterer in Austin
    Ranch Hand Organic Bowls
    Organic bowls made with locally sourced proteins, veggies & grains with three flavor combinations.
    Gebby's BBQ and Catering
    Gebby's BBQ and Catering
    Owner Chris Gebhardt slowly smokes all his meats in wood-fired pits with Post Oak wood, creating delicious BBQ!
    Casa Sarita
    Casa Sarita
    Latin American fares brought to you by Cojo Catering.
    Lotus Chinese, Corporate caterer, Austin
    Lotus Chinese
    Fine Chinese BBQ and wok classics using craft technique and fresh ingredients.
    CoJo Unlimited Catering
    CoJo Unlimited Catering
    At Cojo Catering we pride ourselves on quality, presentation, and first-rate reliability.
    Washington DC Office CateringWashington D.C. top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.More D.C. Metro Area Food Vendors →
    InStyle Caterers, Washington D.C. Corporate Catering
    InStyle Caterers
    Instyle caters to an international audience throughout the DC metro area, taking great care to represent authentic food experiences.
    Pow Pow
    Tiger Rice by Pow Pow
    POW POW is a creative Asian, fast-casual restaurant located in the heart of the popular H Street, North East corridor of Washington D.C.
    NeatMeat serves gourmet sloppy joe sandwiches ranging from beef, turkey, lamb, pork, chicken, and even a vegan joe.
    Smoking Kow
    Smoking Kow
    Smoking Kow BBQ is a food truck and catering company operating out of Washington, DC.
    Cucina Al Volo, Washington D.C. Corporate Catering
    Cucina Al Volo
    Authentic Roman-style pizza, salads, pastas, and entrees made with local garden fresh ingredients plus an Italian twist on classic breakfast fare.
    Los Angeles Office CateringLos Angeles top restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.More Los Angeles Food Vendors →
    Mo Mo Sushi, Los Angeles
    Mo Mo Sushi
    A bustling destination for rolls, bento boxes & other familiar Japanese fare served at the counter.
    Simpang Asia
    Simpang Asia
    Indonesian restaurant in Culver City offering both traditional Indonesian cuisine, street food, and fusion options.
    Feast from the East
    Feast from the East
    Celebrated casual pick for family-style Chinese fare, specializing in Chinese chicken salad, sesame wings, noodles & stir-fry.
    Seasalt Fish and Grill, Corporate Caterer Los Angeles, CA
    Seasalt Fish Grill
    This fish & chips shop doles out some seriously tasty seafood.
    Starry Kitchen
    Starry Kitchen
    Formerly underground & illegal restaurant that's now featured on many food publications for their inventive Asian Fusion.

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