Why Companies Choose Zerocater

Employees and admins love Zerocater because our products enable personalized meals, diverse and high-quality food, unmatched flexibility, and consistent  day to day operational execution.

Every Meal Is Customized To The Unique Tastes And Preferences Of Your Employees

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AI Powered Applications Enable Custom Meals

Our AI learns your employees’ unique tastes to build your company a customized meal experience. Our real-time dashboards give admins and finance full control over program costs and performance.
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A Network of High Quality Kitchens Power Custom Meals

Our 450 kitchens produce 30K+ unique menu items across 120 cuisines. We have high-quality meal options for every employee taste, dietary restriction, and company budget.
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Unmatched Flexibility When It Comes To Price, Headcount Minimums, And How Employees Order And/Or Pay

AI Powered Applications Enable Program Flexibility

Employees get unmatched daily menu variety with over 70 unique daily menu items across both family-style and boxed meal offerings. Employees can order the meals they love and companies can pay for all, some, or none of the meal cost.
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Network of High Quality Kitchens Power Program Flexibility

Our 450 kitchens are able to produce meals across any price point for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and special events. We offer any menu item your employees could ever want all with low headcount minimums.
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Consistent Meal Experience
Powered By Revolutionary Technology

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Technology Enables A Consistent Onsite Experience

Proprietary technology powers all of our kitchen and onsite operations to minimize errors. We’ve created technology enabled controls across our supply chain to ensure allergen, dietary, and temperature standards are maintained from food production to the onsite meal service.
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Technology Powers Our Network of High Quality Kitchens

We operate with the best commissary kitchens staffed with expert chefs who know how to consistently execute high-quality meals for large headcounts. Our network of 450+ kitchens creates unmatched food production redundancy that a traditional caterer or onsite cafeteria simply can’t match.
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Admins And Employees Love Our Amazing Food And Meal Experiences

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