Variety to Satisfy Anyone’s Taste

Variety to Satisfy Anyone’s Taste

With over 40 cuisines and 200+ unique menu items, Zerocater can serve any company size and provide customized meals to fit any taste profile.
Variety to Satisfy Anyone’s Taste

Zerocater Cuisines

Build a better workplace and create a high-performing office culture by bringing people together over food. With over 450 culinary partners offering over 100 cuisines and food types, Zerocater’s vast selection of caterers, restaurants, chefs, and food tracks partners can meet any team’s tastes, and preferences.

Acai Bowl Food

Want to offer a deliciously healthy and unique office catering offering? Try an Acai Bowl spread delivered to your office. More about Acai Bowl Food

BBQ Catering

Zerocater is your source for exceptional barbecue catering, America's low and slow cooked proteins. From Texas to Carolina and Kansas City barbecue styles of sauces and dips. More about BBQ Catering

Boxed Lunch Catering

A boxed lunch is a perfect choice for a working lunch meeting. Everyone gets an individualized meal, and you don’t have to lose valuable meeting time waiting for everyone to... More about Boxed Lunch Catering

Catering American Food

Looking for delicious selections of American food served family style from our great selection of American food restaurant partners. More about Catering American Food

Catering Asian Food

A wide variety of Asian food options served family-style from our great selection of Asian cuisine restaurant partners. More about Catering Asian Food

Catering Chinese Food

Your office employees can enjoy an authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine from a great selection of our Chinese restaurant partners. More about Catering Chinese Food

Catering German Food

Whether you’re planning an Oktoberfest party for your office or just want to treat your employees to traditional German food, Zerocater is your source for great German food catering at... More about Catering German Food

Catering Greek Food

Greek culinary traditions date back thousands of years, but Zerocater takes a very modern approach to catering Greek food for your company events or team lunches. More about Catering Greek Food

Catering Indian Food

Looking for Indian food that will work with everyone’s taste. Choose curry or tandoori, chicken or vegetable, and don't forget the naan and rice. We have Indian catering options for... More about Catering Indian Food

Catering Italian Food

Enjoy authentic Italian food served family style from our great selection of Italian food restaurant partners. Local favorites include pasta, pizza, meatballs, lemon or Vesuvio chicken or Italian desserts, such... More about Catering Italian Food

Catering Keto Food

Looking for a healthy, low-carb solution for any office meal? A Keto spread from Zerocater might be the perfect fit. More about Catering Keto Food

Catering Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean food lets you create a meal that everyone in the office will love, from Falafel, to Lamb kebabs or Chicken Shawarma, we have you covered. More about Catering Mediterranean Food

Catering Mexican Food

Planning a Mexican-themed office party? Want to treat your employees to a build-your-own taco bar? When Mexican food is on your mind, choose Zerocater for outstanding Mexican catering. More about Catering Mexican Food

Catering Polish Food

If you’re looking to cater an authentic and traditional Polish meal for your office or workplace, look no further than Zerocater. More about Catering Polish Food

Catering Thai Food

From Pad Thai to Papaya Salad, Zerocater's Thai offerings are varied and unique. Let us bring a Thai catered spread to your next office meeting. More about Catering Thai Food

Catering Vegan/Vegetarian Food

Vegan/Vegetarian catering service for all kinds of corporate settings, including office holiday parties, happy hour, all hands, training, and off-sites. More about Catering Vegan/Vegetarian Food

Catering Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese cuisine features some unique culinary experiences. Zerocater can put together a catered Vietnamese meal that your entire team is sure to enjoy. More about Catering Vietnamese Food

Gluten Free Food

Looking for gluten-free food options for any office meal or occasion? Zerocater Gluten free menu option are a perfect fit. More about Gluten Free Food

Ice Cream Catering

The perfect sweet treat for team building or a reward, ice cream is sure to bring a smile to the faces of your team members. Zerocater can organize your next... More about Ice Cream Catering

Paleo Meal Catering

Order up a Paleo-inspired catered spread from Zerocater, based on foods eaten in the Paleolithic era. More about Paleo Meal Catering

Pizza Catering

Pizza is a perfect way to feed your hungry office employees, and Zerocater pizza catering makes it so easy to cater any company meal that everyone will enjoy. More about Pizza Catering

Poke Bowl Catering

The Poké craze is sweeping the nation, and we're here to help you deliver the perfect Poké meal offering for your office. More about Poke Bowl Catering

Sandwich Catering

Zerocater is your go-to source for a classic sandwich meal with a variety of selections. From paninis to po’ boys, we can deliver right to your office. More about Sandwich Catering

Taco Catering

Zerocater can set you up with authentic Mexican flavors and a variety of unique fusion tacos. We offer fully prepared platters as well as build-your-own taco bar options. More about Taco Catering

Looking for more food options for your office?

Zerocater partners with hundreds of chefs, restaurants, caterers and food trucks in your area to provide curated menus designed to evolve with your team's tastes, preferences, and budget. Zerocater's office catering experts are ready to help you with your company's catering needs!