Polish Food Catering Directly To Your Office

Part of what keeps catered office lunches fun is being able to showcase a diverse array of food options. Zerocater can provide Polish food catering, as well as hundreds of other options for your employees to choose from.

Polish meal catering from Zerocater

If you’re looking to cater an authentic and traditional Polish meal for your office or workplace, look no further than Zerocater. Our Polish food catering services feature customized meals, a broad selection of menu items and our prompt, reliable service.

Why You Should Choose Zerocater for Polish food Catering

At Zerocater, we provide Polish food catering from the best local restaurants, food trucks, and private chefs in your area. Additionally, you can choose from other options, mix and match, and more. 

The process for Polish cuisine catering through Zerocater couldn’t be easier. Simply tell the dedicated account manager assigned to handle your request the headcount, and we’ll create a customized menu of family-style Polish dishes that ensure no one goes without a Pierogi.

What’s included in your Polish Food Catering?

When you choose Zerocater for Polish food delivery for your office, you can expect:

  • All-inclusive service, including meal curation, delivery, and setup, plus cutlery (plates, serving utensils, napkins, etc.)
  • Customized meals hand-selected from area restaurants with your team’s tastes and dietary restrictions in mind
  • Mindfully prepared menus complete with options for lighter fare and seasonal items
  • Family-style servings that give members of your team the ability to serve themselves whatever they prefer
  • Clearly labeled meal items so team members with dietary restrictions always know exactly what they’re getting
  • A vast selection of Polish cuisine from which to choose
  • Reliable service, including timely delivery and order accuracy

Polish Food Catering Menu Ideas

Whether you need Polish catering for a single event or recurring catering service, you’ll be impressed by the extensive selection of authentic Polish food from which you can choose.

Here’s a quick sampling of the Polish food options Zerocater can provide for you:

  • Kielbasa
  • Cheese pierogi
  • Meat pierogi
  • Sauerkraut
  • Paczki
  • Barszcz
  • Bigos

Polish Food Catering FAQ

Do you provide Polish food catering near me?

We currently serve the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C. Metro Area, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Dallas and Phoenix.

Can we choose different cuisines on a weekly basis?

Yes. Zerocater enables you to order different types of cuisines from all of the best chefs and restaurants in your area. Our flexible catering options let you choose multiple food items and cuisines, as well as switching from them on a weekly basis.

Is your Polish food authentic?

Yes. We work with local restaurants and chefs that specialize in Polish cuisine. 

Can we choose vegetarian options?

Yes. Our chefs have experience and specialties in accommodating various dietary restrictions and needs. 

How much does Polish food catering cost?

We offer flexible pricing options that can be paid per meal, subsidized partially, or completely subsidized by your business. We even have options that empower employees to order directly from our app and pay for themselves if needed.

Ready to order Polish food directly to your office?

Finding an all-inclusive Polish catering service for your workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. Zerocater makes it easy to choose the meals you want for a one-time event or recurring catering service. Thanks to our expertise in Polish catering, you don’t have to worry about anything when you choose Zerocater.

Fill out the form below and a Zerocater representative will be in touch with you shortly.


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