BBQ Catering

Ready to try custom family-style Barbecue food delivered right to your office? Fill out this form and a Zerocater representative will be in touch right away.

Searching for a better catering option for weekly team lunches? Have dozens to feed at an upcoming company party? Zerocater is your source for exceptional barbecue catering. When you want delicious family-style catering for your office, Zerocater delivers.

What to expect from Zerocater

With Zerocater, food becomes the focal point of your meeting or event, not the afterthought. Choose from subscription services for fast and easy repeat meal orders or on-demand BBQ catering for special events.

Zerocater partners with dozens of independently owned restaurants, food trucks, and caterers. When you explore Zerocater’s vendors, you might recognize some restaurant names from around town while others are new to you.

Worried about portion sizes and costs? Don’t be. Your dedicated Client Success Coordinator will expertly portion serving sizes from each family-style dish based on your headcount. Zerocater meals cost about $12 to $15 per person, including tax, tip, and delivery.

Zerocater is proud to provide corporate catering in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C. Metro Area, Los Angeles, and Austin.

Benefits of Zerocater for full-service BBQ catering

You have several options for getting the BBQ meals you want for your office. When you choose Zerocater, you benefit from:

  • Full-service BBQ catering, which includes menu planning, food delivery, set-up, and cutlery (plates, serving utensils, and napkins)
  • Hand-selected meals from local restaurants across your area
  • Buffet-style serving so each employee can build their own plate
  • Clearly labeled dishes to accommodate team members with dietary restrictions
  • Reliable BBQ catering, including accurate orders and timely delivery

BBQ catering menu

One major characteristic that sets Zerocater apart is the vast vendor network from which to choose BBQ meals. Once your Client Success Coordinator knows what type of fare you want, he or she will select the vendor to best suit your needs.

Consider some of the BBQ catering menu items Zerocater offers:

  • Pulled pork, chicken, or brisket
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Chicken wings
  • Ribs
  • Mac and cheese
  • Cornbread and rolls
  • Salad and coleslaw

Work with Zerocater for BBQ catering services

Hand over menu logistics to Zerocater, so you can focus on your business. Just fill out the below form and a representative will contact you shortly.

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