Corporate Boxed Lunch Catering

Boxed lunches are a great catering option for employees that have varying meeting schedules. Zerocater is the best provider of boxed company lunches, and can make them from a variety of menu options.

Why should I choose Zerocater catered box lunches?

Zerocater boxed lunches fo beyond boring choices and can be a fully customized experience for employees. Our catered box lunches can benefit you by:

  • Creating individualized meals for employees based on dietary requirements, allergies, and preferences.
  • Grab-as-you-go efficiency of meals to ensure employees can eat during meetings, on-the-go, and more.
  • Get the same cuisine options of fully catered experiences, but in boxed form (not the same dry sandwiches every day!)
  • Limitless menu options through hundreds of local chefs, restaurants, and food trucks.

Best box lunch catering, delivered when you want

Zerocater is equipped to meet your boxed lunch needs, whether you’re catering for a one-time event or for a recurring meal on a regular basis. Our Boxed meals catering service is tailored to fit your budget.

What’s included in Zerocater’s corporate boxed lunch catering package?

When you choose Zerocater to cater boxed meals to your office event, you’ll receive:

  • Complete service, including meal curation, delivery and setup, plus cutlery (plates, serving utensils, napkins, etc.)
  • Customized and hand-selected food from a wide variety of restaurants designed to meet your team’s tastes and dietary restrictions
  • Thoughtful menus that also feature options for lighter fare and seasonal items
  • Clearly labeled meal items so team members with dietary restrictions always know exactly what they’re getting
  • Reliable service, including timely delivery and order accuracy

Corporate boxed lunch menu options

The extensive number of choices Zerocater offers for boxed lunch catering means there is plenty from which to choose for everyone. Here are only a few of the options to consider:

  • Sushi boxed lunch
  • Soup and sandwich combo
  • Boxed quinoa bowl
  • Chicken satay with sticky rice
  • Individual chicken Penne a la vodka
  • Boxed burrito bowl

Your Zerocater dedicated account manager will go out of their way to design a boxed meal catering service to fit your budget and tastes.

Boxed Lunch Catering FAQ

Does Zerocater use sustainable packaging for the corporate boxed lunches?

Yes. Zerocater offers sustainable packaging options for your boxed lunches.

Can I see a full menu of options for company boxed lunches?

Yes. We can provide a larger list of menu options. Also, if you have boxed lunch ideas or simple requirements, we can create completely bespoke boxed lunches for your company.

How much do the company boxed lunches cost?

Pricing for boxed lunches can vary. Please contact us for different pricing options. 

Do you deliver boxed lunches near me?

Yes. We offer office delivery if you are in one of our service regions. The regions we provide boxed lunches for include: San Francisco, New York, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix.

Ready to order boxed lunch to your office?

To get started, fill out this form and a Zerocater representative will be in touch shortly.


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