Acai Bowl Bar for Any Office Event or Meal

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Acai Bowl Corporate Catering

Packed with nutrients but still sweet and satisfying, the acai bowl has become the powerful meal many professionals choose to jumpstart their workdays. Originating in Brazil, these smoothie-like concoctions combine the superfood punch of the tropical acai berry with other healthy ingredients. They’ve become a popular breakfast choice for this reason, and numerous businesses are looking for the best acai bowl catering to get their morning meetings off on the right foot. If you’re one of them, look no further than Zerocater to put you in touch with options that go above and beyond.

Why Zerocater Corporate Catering?

Zerocater Corporate Catering is the best option for acai bowl catering because we’re dedicated to giving you as many high-quality menu choices as we can. We partner with some of your area’s best and most unique restaurants, food trucks and private chefs. This means you’ll have a wide variety of customizable selections to meet the preferences and dietary requirements of your team. A dedicated Account Manager will walk you through the process of creating a catered meal that will be matched perfectly to everyone in your office.

Whether you want your acai bowl breakfast to be a special event or a regular company meal, Zerocater has you covered. We can help you with a one-time event or create a recurring service. We’re also able to tailor our catering services to fit your budget, so there’s no need to worry about breaking the bank.

When you work with us to cater to your office, you’ll receive:

  • Complete service — including meal curating, delivery and setup, plus cutlery (plates, serving utensils, napkins, etc.)
  • Customized meals hand-selected from area restaurants and chefs with your team’s tastes and diet restrictions in mind
  • Thoughtful menus that also feature options for lighter fare and seasonal items
  • Clearly labeled meals so your co-workers always know exactly what they’re getting
  • Reliable service, including timely delivery and accurate order fulfillment

We serve customers in major metropolitan markets across the country. Here is a list of cities where we operate:

Limitless Options for Catering an Acai Bowl Bar

Because we have so many resources, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your acai bowl meals. Here are just a few of the many combinations you and your staff can create:

  • Plain acai bowl
  • Acai and peanut butter bowl
  • Acai and granola bowl
  • Acai and coconut bowl
  • Acai and berry bowl
  • Acai and banana bowl
  • Acai and chia seed bowl
  • Acai and pineapple bowl
  • Acai and goji berry bowl
  • Acai and almond butter bowl

Ready to order Acai Bowl for your office?

All-inclusive Acai Bowl catered to your workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. Zerocater makes it easy to choose the Acai menu items you want for a one-time event or recurring catering service.

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