Flocabulary upgrades “Fam Lunch” with Zerocater
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Flocabulary upgrades “Fam Lunch” with Zerocater


“Fam lunch,” as they like to call it at Flocabulary, was ingrained into the office culture from day one. Planning team meals meant a lot of logistics, managing numerous restaurant partners and enough follow-up emails to clog an entire inbox.

So after years of spending countless hours planning meals for the growing office, the team looked for a better solution.


Now, Flocabulary partners with Zerocater to manage “family lunch.” By learning their tastes and dietary preferences, a dedicated Zerocater account manager proactively creates custom menus from local restaurants, caterers, and food trucks and makes every step of the process, from ordering to delivery and clean-up, effortless. Using a variety of feedback mechanisms to improve each meal, including a personalized dashboard, Flocabulary’s employees always have something new to look forward to during mealtime.

Best of all, a partnership with food donation service, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, means any leftovers are easily donated to local communities in need.


Zerocater helps Flocabulary:

  • Save at least 6 hours per week of time spent planning meals
  • Build cross-functional relationships
  • Maintain company culture while growing
6 hours
Time saved per week
Increased cross-functional collaboration
“Fam lunch (as we like to call it) is a longstanding part of our office culture. Zerocater takes the pressure off of and makes it easy to continue our traditions as we grow. Their customer service is second to none; they help me tailor our meals to our tastes and needs, and their restaurant partners are always professional, punctual and delicious.”
Cody Castro - Flocabulary
Cody Castro
Office Manager

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Get family-style meals delivered to your office

Get family-style meals delivered to your office

Meals for any occasion, anytime

Whether you need catering for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a special event delivered daily or a few times a year, we work closely with you to create custom menus tailored to your business.

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