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Corporate Catering in the San Francisco Bay Area

Ready to try custom family-style meals and/or snacks delivered right to your SF Bay Area office? Fill out the form for a free consultation and a ZeroCater representative will be in touch.

The San Francisco Bay Area Caterers for Your Office Meals

Let ZeroCater help you plan and manage your next company breakfast, All-hands lunch, or special occasion happy hour. We specialize in connecting companies like yours with delicious, creative, restaurants and food providers from around the Bay Area. We tailor the menus to your requirements and turn work meals into something everyone loves.

Services ZeroCater Provide in San Francisco Bay Area

We offer several office catering and snacks services in the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Curated Office Catering: Set up a recurring meal schedule according to your ofice needs.
  • One-Time Event Catering: Catering for special office events, gatherings, or meetings. Talk to us about your event requirements and we’ll custom build a menu.
  • Office Snacks and Kitchens: ZeroCater delivers a fresh take on office snacks and beverages by creating a beautiful, customized snack sanctuary with a rotating selection of items including hard to find and locally-sourced snacks, beverages and pantry items.

What Restaurants ZeroCater Work with in San Francisco Bay Area

One of the biggest benefits of working with ZeroCater is that we specialize in finding independently owned restaurants, food trucks, caterers and chefs to fill your plate. Some of our clients’ favorite cuisines in San Francisco Bay Area include Barbecue, Sushi, New American, Mediterranean, and so much more.

More San Francisco Bay Area Food Options for Your Office

Benefits of ZeroCater Office Meals

Take your business meetings to another level with customized menus. Some of the benefits include:

  • A dedicated Account Manager committed to your needs
  • Online preview of upcoming meals through a private dashboard
  • Recurring or one-time meal options, and your office snacks program
  • Meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour and more
  • All-inclusive service (tax, tip, and delivery are included in the price)
  • Customizable menus
  • Customized office Snacks and Kitchens keep your team energized throughout the day
  • Clearly labeled meal components with dietary restrictions noted
  • Family-style meal presentation

We’ll handle all of the logistics so you can stay focused on your business.

Work with ZeroCater for Local Catering and Snacks and Kitchens

With ZeroCater creative menu options, customized service and convenience, there’s never been an easier way to provide food at the office. To get started, all you need to do is fill out our online form.

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