“Around The World” Themed Office Party

“Around The World” Themed Office Party

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January 30, 2017

Many people are fascinated to discover how cultural traditions have evolved, with traditions from country to country being especially diverse. Turning your annual lunch service gathering or office party into a sensory tour of the globe is a great way to inspire, educate, and help employees connect with cultures other than their own. Plus, the international theme will be a welcome departure from yet another cookie-decorating party or lifeless gift exchange, and who can’t get behind that idea?

How To Throw An “Around The World”-Themed Office Party

Here’s how you can use corporate catering services and a little DIY ingenuity to make some office party magic.


  • Czech Republic: Place cherry branches in tall, water-filled vases. According to Czech tradition, the blooming of these branches before certain holidays is a sign of good luck.
  • Scandinavia: Children are supposed to leave their shoes on the hearth for St. Nick to fill with gold coins or small gifts. Ask guests to bring a pair of new shoes to your party; you can line them up during the festivities and donate them to a shelter afterward.
  • China: The Chinese version of a Christmas tree is called a tree of light. Lay out materials for guests to personalize miniature lanterns so the tree is completed—with tons of character—as the party progresses.


  • Argentina: Barbecue is a holiday tradition here—try steak on a crostini with a dab of chimichurri sauce.
  • Mexico: Whether bite-sized or served buffet style, it’s all about the tamales.
  • Ukraine: Ukrainians prepare a 12-course meal, but you might want to ask a meal-delivery service to bring you and your co-workers a dozen delicious dishes instead.


  • India: Mango and banana with spiced coconut cream. It’s an homage to the mango and banana trees, which are used in place of pine trees to celebrate Christmas.
  • The Netherlands: During some holidays children are brought wooden shoes filled with candy and cookies, but you can just hand them out as dessert.
  • Great Britain: Plum pudding may be from the Middle Ages, but it’s still tasty today. The old-school version is made with suet, spices, nuts and raisins, and served with plenty of cream.


  • Mexico and Central America: Swap out mulled wine for atole, a hot drink thickened with masa and seasoned with cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar.
  • United States: Eggnog dates back to the Jamestown settlement in 1607, when Virginia was a colony. Salute Capt. John Smith with two versions—one with plenty of rum and one without.
  • Ghana: The cocoa bean is a popular crop in some parts of Africa, including Ghana. Jazz up your breakfast meal with a DIY cocoa bar with plenty of fun and interesting mix-ins such as marshmallows, chilies, peppermint sticks, and espresso powder.


  • Ireland: Take inspiration from the traditional Wren Boys Procession and have guests dress up in homemade costumes and perform in a talent show.
  • General: Santa has different names and different outfits in many a country. Print out pictures of St. Nicholas, Sinterklaas and friends, and have guests match the name to the country and illustration.
  • General: Set up a Jeopardy­-style quiz game that tests guests on different cultural traditions—all the answers will be right there in the room.

Whether you’re throwing a full-on corporate gala or a simple breakfast or one-off event, your team deserve something new and different. An around-the-world party with on-demand meals from your catering services provider is the perfect way to bring everybody together while also celebrating what makes us special.

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