Five Food Trucks Worth Chasing Down in NYC

Five Food Trucks Worth Chasing Down in NYC

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November 16, 2015

It’s not easy navigating the streets of New York, or the parade of food trucks parked alongside them. With the influx of food trucks lining the streets, it’s difficult to know which ones are worth scoping out, which are overpriced, or which are just the same dish on a different truck. To help decipher the mobile food mecca, here are our favorite picks:

Korilla BBQ

This truck has been rolling through NYC since 2010, and debuted their brick and mortar in 2014. Following the assembly line model, guests choose from a burrito or rice bowl, then top with Korean-inspired toppings: Spicy Korean BBQ Pork, kimchi, bulgogi (marinated rib-eye), and an entire spectrum of sweet, spicy, and tangy sauces.

Nuchas Empanadas

If you think empanadas are all ground beef and shredded chicken, you are oh-so-sorely mistaken. Nuchas throws an unorthodox twist on the Spanish pastry, offering flavors including short rib, jambalaya, shiitake curry, and even a dessert option (apple, cranberry, and Nutella, oh my).

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Red Hook Lobster Pound started in D.C., and launched a second food truck in NYC. With lobster meat piled high on a buttery bun grilled to perfection, the truck has gained a lot of attention for its authentic Maine catch. Other menu options include their shrimp rolls and lobster BLT—because who wouldn’t want lobster and bacon?

Morris Grilled Cheese

From the sauce, to the toppings, to the herb butter; Morris knows how to take a grilled cheese to the next level. With flavors like Habanero Chicken (complete with blue cheese and chicken chorizo) and Delicate Cheese (with truffle butter, truffle cheese, and caramelized shallots) you’ll never look at a GC the same again. Wash it down with one of their house-made drinks, including homemade root beer and yuzu ginger beer.


By the sound of their name, you’d think Snowday served ice-cream, snow-cones, or other frozen treats. Well, think again—this truck is serving maple syrup inspired dishes, including maple syrup grilled cheese, onion rings, and other favorites. Snowday is also NYC’s first farm-to-truck food truck, and supports Drive Change, a nonprofit which hires and trains formerly incarcerated youth.

What are your favorite food trucks in NYC? What dish would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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