SocialCode consolidates office meals and snacks
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SocialCode consolidates office meals and snacks


SocialCode is in growth mode, including continued national expansion. To preserve company culture while assessing local priorities, the Office Operations team sent out an employee survey. The responses showed that the most obvious need for regional specialization was in company perks and benefits, most notably, daily meals and snacks.

Even with regional differences, however, one thing remained certain—working with 3rd party partners who could provide similar services, with local twists, across all of SocialCode’s offices was a top priority.


Consolidating office catering and snacks with Zerocater across all markets made it easy to manage the office perk and create a consistent experience for all employees. For Office Catering, SocialCode works with Zerocater in all markets to choose from hundreds of the best local restaurants and private caterers for daily and weekly meals.

In the San Francisco office, Zerocater Snacks and Kitchens now eliminates the need for SocialCode to plan, order, and restock their office snacks from multiple sources like Amazon, Instacart, and Google Express. Instead, it runs automatically—they receive regular replenishments of their favorite items along with a frequent rotation of new ones; all curated to their tastes and preferences by their dedicated account manager.


SocialCode uses Zerocater to enjoy family-style meals and curated snacks and beverages to:

  • Cut time spent on office snacks and beverages from 6 hrs. per week to 0 in their San Francisco office.
  • Consolidate 3rd party partners to a single-provider for office meals nationally and snacks in San Francisco.
  • Gain more variety and consistency in meals and snacks.
  • Improve company culture across several national offices each with specific tastes preferences.
0 hours
Spent managing office snacks and beverages
Increased variety and consistency in meals and snacks
“I’ve gained so much working with Zerocater to manage our office meals and snacks. I now leave ordering, stocking, delivery, and replenishments to the team at Zerocater. Instead of stressing about keeping the shelves full, now, I just see our Zerocater on-site specialist and say “Hi, how are you?” and walk back to my desk—it’s a lifesaver!”
AnneMarie Kelly - SocialCode
AnneMarie Kelly
Office Manager

SocialCode is a technology and insights company that manages digital advertising for the world’s leading consumer brands.

  • Founded in 2010
  • Headquartered in Washington, D.C. with regional offices in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Detroit
Get family-style meals delivered to your office

Get family-style meals delivered to your office

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Whether you need catering for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a special event delivered daily or a few times a year, we work closely with you to create custom menus tailored to your business.

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