Cancellation and Supplemental Food Policy

Meal Cancellation Policy

We have updated our meal cancellation and headcount reduction policies as of January 1, 2019 to minimize the impact of an unexpected cancellation on both our clients and vendors.
Cancellations or headcount reductions of meals planned for 1-299 headcount:
  • with more than 48 hours notice – no charge
  • with 48-24 hours notice – 50% charge
  • with fewer than 24 hours notice – 100% charge
Cancellations or headcount reductions of meals planned for 300+ headcount:
  • with more than 72 hours notice – no charge
  • 72-48 hours notice – 50% charge
  • fewer than 48 hours notice – 100% charge
All meal cancellations or headcount reductions requested outside of business hours (Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM) will be considered requested the following business day. This cancellation policy is based upon business days from the meal time (not including weekends).

Supplemental Food Policy

Should you experience a food shortage during your meal, contact ZeroCater as soon as possible to arrange a supplemental food delivery. Our dedicated Support team will provide a complete, backup meal(s) that can be delivered as quickly as possible for those affected by the shortage. This may be a different cuisine type than originally delivered, but will uphold ZeroCater’s high-quality meal standards. Please note you will be billed for any additional food ordered through ZeroCater unless it is determined that the food shortage is due to a vendor or ZeroCater ordering error.