Mercari Boosts Employee Meal Ratings with Zerocater
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Mercari Boosts Employee Meal Ratings with Zerocater


Mercari is Japan’s #1 resale app and is on a mission to change the way people buy and sell. With U.S. headquarters in Palo Alto, Mercari’s leaders believe their company’s food program is a vital part of the employee culture and productivity. With their company’s food program, Mercari is working to create a community where employees feel empowered to try new things, give constructive feedback and take charge of projects. After a year of working with a third-party provider, Mercari’s admin was still spending four hours per day on their employee meals from overseeing the lunch setup, replenishing food and cleaning up. In addition, Mercari was not receiving the consistency, portioning and variety they requested.


Switching to Zerocater made it easy for Mercari to deliver its employees a consistent experience that its employees love. With Zerocater’s technology, Mercari is able to provide its employees with meals that are customized to their unique tastes and consumption, while meeting the company’s budgetary and presentation needs.

To meet Mercari’s needs for variety, Zerocater employed its ecosystem of culinary partners and food concierge team to offer menus featuring hundreds of cuisine types. When Zerocater learned of Mercari’s heavy protein consumption, their food concierge team set a rule for protein portions to ensure adequate protein was delivered every meal.

Zerocater’s highly trained onsite staff eliminates the need for Mercari’s admin to set up, manage or breakdown daily meals. Instead, Zerocater’s onsite staff facilitates the meal from start to finish including directing the culinary partner, setting up the meals with all needed utensils and food cards, replenishing food trays, cleaning up and even coordinating leftover food donation. More impactful, Mercari’s admin has been able to spend his time on internal polling and meal analysis to improve employee meals with feedback.


Mercari uses Zerocater to provide employees with the best family-style meals that meet their company’s diverse eating preferences:

  • Cut time spent on office meals from 4 hrs. per day to 30 mins per day.
  • Gain more variety and consistency in meals.
  • Improve company culture while meeting specific employee tastes preferences.
  • Increased employee meal approval rating from 3.0 to 3.8
  • Use meals as a vehicle to share important cross-functional department updates and host lunch and learns
75% Decrease in the time spent managing office meals
27% Increase in employee meal approval rating
“I like the flexibility Zerocater offers where I can be heavily engaged in our meal program but I also have the freedom to step away with confidence knowing the meal program will continue to run with my account manager and onsite team.”
Marcos Rangel, Workplace Services Agent Mercari
Marcos Rangel
Workplace Services Agent

Mercari is Japan’s #1 resale app and is on a mission to change the way people buy and sell.

  • Founded in 2013
  • Based in Palo Alto
  • X Employees Globally, 90 in Palo Alto
  • 45M+ downloads in the U.S.
  • 150k new listings every day
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Get family-style meals delivered to your office

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