Overwhelmed trying to plan recurring meals for the office, Not sure if a corporate catering solution is right for your company? Enjoy all the benefits of ZeroCater catering services in a custom pilot created especially for your company, including:
  • All-inclusive catering – from meal curation to food delivery and setup, all with cutlery included (plates, serving utensils, and napkins)
  • Customized meals from local restaurants – to accommodate your team’s taste preferences and dietary restrictions including gluten-free, vegan, and more
  • Family-style setup – with platters that employees can build their own plates with
  • Clearly labeled dishes – to alert your employees of any gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, and other potential allergens
  • Rate and review meals – so future meals will be tailored based on employees collective and ongoing feedback
  • Reliable catering service – including accurate order placement and timely delivery
Fill out this form and a ZeroCater representative will contact you to discuss the details of piloting a recurring corporate catering solution for your company.