ZeroCater Employee Spotlight: Virginia Barton

ZeroCater Employee Spotlight: Virginia Barton

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July 1, 2015

ZeroCater takes the time each month to recognize employees whose exemplary performance, professionalism and leadership contribute to ZeroCater’s mission and core values.

Our employees are what makes ZeroCater a fun, challenging, and unique place to work. We have some pretty amazing people with different backgrounds and personalities who have a passion for what they do. It’s important we recognize every employee who is consistently exceeding expectations while embodying our company values and honor them with ZeroCater’s Company Value Award. So, today we’re kicking off our first Employee of The Month Spotlight to give you a sneak peek inside how truly awesome our culture is.

We’re excited to announce Virginia Barton as our first Employee Spotlight for demonstrating this month’s company value, “Prefer Simplicity.”*

Virginia is on the Vendor Team in San Francisco and constantly goes above and beyond to simplify and improve ZeroCater’s vendor sales process. One recent example included spearheading the vendor tags project, resulting in more robust and accurate searching capabilities for the entire team. The simplification of this system will be a huge help as our team continues to build personalized menus for our clients to enjoy a variety of mouth-watering cuisine types on a daily basis.
Below are a few fun facts about Virginia and her life inside ZeroCater:

What that means that I do every day: I select the finest vendors in the Bay Area to partner with, negotiate their partnerships with ZeroCater to optimize for order potential, and lovingly craft menus that are diverse and on-point for client demands and culinary trends.

Favorite food: I LOVE giant salads—the bigger and more complex, the better. Eat the rainbow!

Favorite cocktail: It’s a tie between a tart margarita (all lime and not sweet AT ALL) and a Monarch (Gin, St. Germaine, and lime on the rocks).

My favorite thing about lunch: Witnessing everyone’s personality unknowingly and unguardedly expressed through plates and preferences.

Favorite restaurant: I’d love to say something incredibly fancy and decadent, but a Blue Barn salad is what I dream about at night.

My most memorable dining experience of all time is: I honestly couldn’t pick a singular experience, because I think my appreciation for food and a quality meal is an evolving process. The flavor and color of each dish influence my impression of the next meal and who I have the pleasure to share it with.

My dream celebrity dinner date: Nigella Lawson. She’s simply the best.

Why I love ZeroCater: I love, love, love that we have the unique opportunity to introduce people to new and unique cuisines or vendors that they potentially didn’t know existed. I love that we help small business flourish in an increasingly difficult time to own a small business, let alone a profitable food establishment. I love that everyone at ZeroCater tries and succeeds to delight each and every client, budget, and flavor profile aside. And I feel incredibly blessed to say that my passions in life line up with my career.

Want to work with Virginia? We’re hiring!

Have a question about working at ZeroCater you want to be answered by a ZeroCater employee? Ask away in the comments below!
*Prefer Simplicity: The cost of complexity is like an iceberg. Mostly invisible until it tears a hole in your ship. A feature or process added in an hour can easily cost tens or hundreds of hours over its lifetime from being explained, maintained, and considered in future plans. Simple is hard. You have to fight for it, but expect to gain 20-30% in efficiency for every step you can reasonably eliminate.

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